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Monday, November 15, 2010

Steppers' Wisdom Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of the
Steppers' Wisdom Blog Carnival!

We are lucky to have entries from several new blogs as well as some returning bloggers. Once again, the submissions covered a broad range of topics, styles and issues.. I'm confident readers and subscribers can find something helpful in the links below.

(To view the first edition of this carnival, click here)

To begin with, here are two great posts by returning blogger Patricia Singleton. Everything I've seen at Patricia's blog, Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker, has been worth reading. Enjoy the following submissions:

In Let Go and Let God Patricia writes about Al-Anon and the well known twelve step slogan.

In There's a Hole in My Sidewalk Patricia covers a Portia Nelson Poem that speaks to any kind of recovery.


The next post I'd like to include is one for which I can thank my sponsor. When I was doing my third step, she asked me a question that really got me to thinking. Click here to read "89,000" and contemplate this!


Intimacy: Do it Afraid  is a really remarkable post that I am very happy to be able to include. I believe people in recovery of any kind can run into issues with intimacy.  In this post by psychologist Melissa Greene at Get to the Inside there are several simple and concrete examples of how one can begin to find intimacy in their most personal relationships. Take time to browse this website, if you can. There are many great finds within its pages.

The next two posts deal with the first days of recovery:

Click here to read "Day Zero" from Jenny Menthol at Hey Man, Now You're Really Living. This submission is about the realization that there is more to life than addiction and avoidance.

Click here  to read "Learning about Codependency" at Reunited Selves. This post is about my realization that I really did fit into one of the twelve step programs.


Finally, here are two more posts which touch on topics close to the heart of recovery for many of us.

In another post by Jenny Menthol, Trying Out Anger Management is a sometimes humorous account of anger and some ways to deal with it.

At Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People, Erin Pavlina tells us about goals and achievement in her post entitled Believe It and Achieve It.


That's it! Thank you to all who submitted this time around. I feel grateful to be able to run this carnival. Through this forum I've come to know several knew bloggers and all of them have a message worth reading.

This is a growing carnival and I hope to have even more submissions to choose from in the third edition,  which is due to come out in February.  If you are a blogger and you have written anything related to your twelve step recovery, please consider submitting a post for the next edition of Steppers' Wisdom. It doesn't have to be a new post, only an original post covering a topic twelve steppers might find helpful.

There is so much in blogland related to recovery. Some of the best, most informative and most interesting reads are yet to be discovered! If come across a post that would benefit this carnival, please let the author know about Steppers' Wisdom.
There were a few submitted posts that didn't quite fit the perameters of this carnival. If your submitted post was not accepted, please don't let it discourage you from submitting in the future. Any topic related to twelve step recovery would be welcomed.