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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Steppers' Wisdom Blog Carnival: Fourth Edition

Steppers' Wisdom Blog Carnival #

Welcome to the May 15, 2011 edition of stepper's wisdom. I hope you have time to sample each entry because this is the best collection of recovery related posts we've had, yet.

I'm going to start with a few posts by returning blogger Kathy M. at Grace Was Calling and I Didn't Pick Up.
Kathy is a professional writer and an avid advocate of twelve-step recovery.

What the Grand Canyon Taught Me about Recovery offers true-life wisdom from Kathy's recent experiences on a writing assignment.

In Cunning, Baffling Kathy talks about the far-reaching aspects of Alcoholism.

Apples to Oranges is another great post, which speaks to being who we are and accepting ourselves and others.

The title of that last post leads in nicely to one on my blog, Reunited Selves. My post is entitled Oranges at the Hardware Store? I wrote this based on something I heard at a recent CoDA meeting. The concept brought me to a new understanding of acceptance.

A reader discovered THIS POST which was written by Martha Rosenburg, and shared it with me. In my opinion, this interview with Melodie Beattie is a must-read, so I'm sharing it with you.

How Can Recovery Addiction Work?  is one stepper's summation of the value of recovery. It comes from the Sex-Addiction-Symptoms website.

Relationship issues are the primary focus of Codependents Anonymous. While this post is not strictly a twelve step post, Katie from  Blended Family - An Ex Perspective  gives a perspective which is well worth examining. Please enjoy Blending Ex's... Stick that in your Cuisinart.

Returning blogger Sean Burrows submitted four posts this quarter. In his blog, Upgrade Complete, Sean shares his common-sense approach to many recovery-related issues.

About A Simple Way to Improve Your Day, Sean says, "...a very simple, yet powerful way you can improve your day right from the very moment you wake up."

He says,  "Each and every day presents new opportunities to grow and add positivity to the universe. What happened yesterday, or what may happen tomorrow is completely irrelevant to what you can do TODAY." in
 25 Ways to Empower Yourself on This Day.

Sean also presents 3 Tips to Help Overcome Impatience, saying, "The past couple weeks have been testing my patience in a lot of ways. Especially when it comes to working on the Internet. You want so bad to see the results of your hard work, but those results are taking longer than you want it too."

And finally, he gives us Dealing With Setbacks. "Let’s face it, setbacks suck. You’re happily moving along with your life, when something unexpected happens that completely takes you off track."

The following post really spoke to me. It's from the Inner Bonding Website, which is run by two therapists who deal with a lot of relationship issues. In Trying to Control Makes Us Miserable, Dr. Margaret Paul brings clarifies the crux of codependency, which many people believe to be the underlying issue behind all addictions.

Returning blogger Dawn Saros-Kirk presents her take on Step One posted at Megwetch, Gitchie Manito

And newcomer Debbie Owen presents How to Bring About Sustainable Change posted at Online Doctorate Degree.

Finally, here is another post from my own blog, Reunited Selves. This post covers my feelings about something a friend and mentor of mine, Ilene Wolf, wrote on her website, HEAL (Healing Emotionally Abused Lives). I believe the title of the post, More on Unconditional Love and Boundaries, is pretty self-explanatory.

That's it for this edition! Thank you to all who suggested and submitted posts to this quarter's carnival. This is the fullest and most on target Steppers' Wisdom to date and I couldn't have done it without you.


The next edition of the Steppers' Wisdom Blog Carnival will be August 15th, 2011. I will be excepting submissions, soon. As always, you can submit by going directly to the Blog Carnival Website (search keyword "SteppersWisdom") or you can follow the link on the sidebar to the right of this post.