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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finding Strength and Hope in the Twelve Steps: The First Edition of Steppers' Wisdom

I am very happy with the the turn out for this very first edition of the Steppers Wisdom Blog Carnival. These kick-off posts include a broad range of styles, programs and issues and offer readers and subscribers to this carnival a wonderful array of information, strength and hope.

Several of the submitted posts address issues common to newcomers. I'm going to start out with three posts addressing the "God Question".

Our first entry was submitted by Recovering, creator of Stumbling Alcoholic , a blog about his experiences in AA. In a post entitled "Step 2" he describes his path to defining God.

Katie, at Sharing Our Spaces. wrote a post she simply called "12 step programs". This post addresses issues she's had with various twelve step programs, as well as the reasons she has not been able to work the steps, so far.

And Redefining God, is from my own blog, Reunited Selves.  It was written when I was trying to create and internalize a workable concept of my Higher Power.
Other posts that could be very helpful to newcomers include this one from Dan Hays. Dan is the author of the book, "Freedom's Just Another Word" and of a blog called Thoughts Along the Road to Healing. Both are full of insightful remembrances of his family-of-origin issues and his healing journey.  His submission, "Upon the New Year"  is a poem he wrote when he was first working the twelve steps.

Step Zero is a post written early in my CoDA recovery. It talks about getting ready for the first step.

I was thrilled to receive a submission from Patricia Singleton. Her blog, Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker, is an intuitive and perceptive account of her courageous work towards healing from childhood abuse. Please take the time to check out her post,  Al-Anon and ACoA Played Major Roles In My Recovery From Incest .

Another author graces us with her presense in this first edition of Steppers Wisdom. Kathy M's entire blog, Grace was Calling and I Didn't Pick Up, is dedicated to twelve step recovery. I've gained a lot of understanding from reading Kathy's blog, which focuses on Al-Anon, and am very glad she decided to share the following five posts, each with her particular flavor and style.

Standing on Ceremony  is about looking at our lives and ourselves in a new light.

In Thanks a Lot, Kathy talks about sponsorship.

Kathy gives a great explanation and example of why holding resentments can be a big problem in When Someone Else is My Problem.

Two Windows on My Life is about seeing progress... and so much more.

And the final post from Kathy, Seeing Green  is about an issue near and dear to me... well, near anyway. Like any good codependent, controll and manipulation are facets of my life I need to continually address.

What Motivates You, from my blog, runs along a similar vein.

While not specifically about twelve step programs, this list of blogs, submitted by Brown Sylvia, could be helpful for anyone who is challenged with food addictions.

Finally, here is one more post from my blog, Reunited Selves. The title DID and the Fifth Step explains it all.
Thank you to the bloggers who submitted to this carnival. All of you have so much experience, strength and hope to share with the world, your contributions are very worthwhile. These posts, filled with twelve-step wisdom, are offered to everyone in need of support and answers. I can imagine many new doors of understanding and growth opening as the following of this carnival continues to grow.

Please, spread the word!


The next edition of the Steppers Wisdom Blog Carnival will be posted right here, November 15, 2010. Feel free to submit articles pertaining to twelve step work and programs, using the link at the top of the sidebar.



  1. Hi Shen,

    Congratulations on your first issue! What a wonderful service you are providing. Thank you for including me, and for letting me know this was up. I can hardly wait to dive into what sounds like a lot of wonderful topics, written by many people I'm not yet acquainted with. Love and hugs to you.

  2. Congratulations on your first issue! I'm diving in, and might share with you the next time around. I have two flavors of program: Emotions Anonymous (for recovery from emotional/mental illnesses) and Al-anon (for working on the character liabilities I acquired in growing up with a personality disordered parent). After over a decade of study, today I see all working for the good; at first, recovery just hurt!

  3. Hi Kathy! Thanks for the congrats and for your participation. I always have this fear that I'm going to invite people (to my home, to go out, or to participate in something like this) and no one will "show up". It was so wonderful to have people like you to support this first issue. Thank you.

    Hi Smitt
    I'm glad you're diving in! I've been reading your blog posts for a while and I can relate to so much of what you write. After reading your history here I can see why I relate to you so well. Dealing with a personality disordered parent is a tough thing because I don't always feel as if I fit in with the people in Al-Anon. My father is not an alcoholic... and in a way that seems worse because I can't blame his behavior on a substance... it's just him.

    welcome to Steppers' Wisdom. I look forward to your submissions to the next edition.

  4. hi shen :) thank you so much for starting this carnival and for doing all the work it took to bring this about. i'm looking forward to reading the contributions and appreciate you including my post.

    i do want to say though it doesn't feel right to say i've felt "unable" to work through the steps. though i can see where i came across that way when i wrote about the internal barrier i've felt related to the higher power. but i don't think that the higher power issue has to be a barrier. i've tried not to let that issue stand in my way to getting something from the program. and while i haven't worked through each step, i do feel like i've worked through some of the steps in my own way and incorporated the philosophy into my life in pieces over the years.

    i honestly can't imagine what my adult life would have been like without knowing about the 12-steps. though i know i still have a lot to learn. a lot of unexplored territory that recovery has to offer me. and this year has just been a part of getting into that more deeply. reading your blog, kathy's and others have been a big part of that for me.

    so thank you so much. sharing your journey, your strength, hope and wisdom, has meant a lot to me. wishing you well!

    oh, and i posted a link to this at my blog too :)

  5. Does sound like a great subject to blog about. Steppers Wisdom, hope it helps others