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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Submissions for the Fifth Edition Now Being Accepted

The next edition of Steppers' Wisdom will be posted right here on Monday August 15th, 2011. Submissions will be accepted through August 12th.

Each carnival posted thus far has been better and more informative than the last. That is completely due to the amazing writing out there in blogland and readers who have thought to suggest their inclusion. Some of this is just too good to let it fall into obscurity! Let's share the wealth of knowledge and growth our hard work has brought us.

You can submit an origianl blog post about any aspect of twelve-step recovery by following THIS LINK or you can go directly to the blog carnival home page and find Steppers' Wisdom there. You can also suggest a blog post you've come across by leaving the link in the comments below, and I will then ask the blogger if they would like to be included.

Please do not submit anything you have not written yourself unless you have the explicit consent of the original author.

Thank you!